February 11, 2015

The day was wild leading up to Deconstruction, actually the whole week was wild. I had nearly forgotten to invite anyone, assuming that my Bailey and Kevin--my faithful participants, would be able to make it.

 I rushed home when my afternoon meeting was over to get everything ready. I tore a few pieces of canvas and set up a recording device as an alternative form of documentation. Just after seven Bailey called me, she was not able to come that evening as another obligation came up at the last minute. 

After a series of events I ended up at my favorite place to hang out on campus, the video lab. Dan was also working in the lab. I deconstructed while Dan told me more about his Thesis concept, preparing for a short presentation he would give later in our night class.

Dan and I were in the same photo class in high school,  I do not remember talking to him back then. However, when we took Photo 1 in college we would  reminisce about that class and our teacher Mr. Daly. Since then we have been in many of the same classes and are currently working on a collaborative piece with our friend Ryan. 

The time for class quickly came. Before we went downstairs I took and Tweeted the customary canvas selfie.