Februrary 25, 2015

My photography class recently submitted work to show at Savage's Ale House in Muncie--one of our favorite places in town. We planned to hang out as a class after the show went up. We arrived just after seven, it was busy for a Wednesday night. Eventually we found two tables and pushed them together, ordered drinks and I pulled out the canvas. 

Marissa was on a mission to finish her piece, deconstructing at rapid speed. Kristina wanted to slow down and enjoy the process. She told me that as she was working on her Deconstruction Kit she rushed through, to accomplish the task. She found the process frustrating because the threads would often break. Only when she slowed down in the end did it become enjoyable. 

Cori was sitting next to me that night. I noticed that her pile of threads resembled a nest, created as each delicately fell into place. 

It was refreshing to spend time together outside of class, each of us have been running around in circles in order to wrap up the semester. We talked about scary movies, and reminisced about our first class trip to Savage's last year. 

I think we are all coming down with a case of nostalgia. Marissa brought up the first time that we talked in Drawing class freshman year. I had seen her on campus taking photographs, so I asked if she planned on majoring in Photography.  Amanda joked about seeing me walking in the Atrium, before we met one another, and knowing that we would be good friends. I am thankful for this group of people, though Amanda was joking about that particular instance, we all have grown close over the years. 

As always time seemed to evaporate and we hurriedly cleared out to make it to class on time.