January 21, 2015

My roommate Elizabeth and her brother James joined Bailey, Kevin and me for deconstruction. They were sitting in the living room after eating dinner together so I invited them to try to deconstruct a small piece of canvas. 

I could tell that both were hesitant to say yes, but they decided to humor me. Elizabeth and James approached the task with extreme concentration, trying to find the flow. I noticed at one point James stopped to post his deconstructed material to Instagram. Elizabeth asked many questions that night in order to get to know Kevin and Bailey. 

Again time escaped us. Kevin and Bailey left with their leftover canvas. They wanted to make something with it. Elizabeth and James continued to spend time chatting in the living room. Later that night James texted me a photo of a single piece of canvas that followed him home.

He also chose to take a Deconstruction Kit for the road, planning to deconstruct during one of his classes the next day.