February 27, 2015

After class Amanda, Marissa and I decided to go to Damask, a local Mediterranean restaurant where many of our friends work, for an early dinner. I was particularly excited to order a Turkish coffee that afternoon. 

My favorite booth is number seventeen, each time we sit there I am completely mesmerized by the light coming through the window. Light, refracted through a water glass, spreads across the table. Shadows, cast by wrought iron designs covering the window, glide across the wall as the sun begins to set. 

After we ordered, and took a few photos of the light, I got the canvas out. We realized that there were only two pieces, so Amanda and Marissa decided to share one. They deconstructed from opposite ends. When our waitress came back to check on us she was curious, asking a few questions about the process. 

Our time was mostly spent in laughter, that is usually the case when I get together with Amanda and Marissa.  I find myself  Tweeting at least one thing Amanda says when we hang out. At this point I no longer remember the context of the following statement, but I can tell you that we laughed about it for a while.

My friend Carrie came into work that afternoon and sat with us for a while, when the restaurant was not busy. She had recently been accepted to spend two years overseas with a faith-based nonprofit, so she told us a little bit about that. Carrie did not know what country she would be living in yet, she said she would find out in a few weeks. She and I made fictitious plans to meet up on the other side of the world, because I am also hoping to be overseas next year. 

Hash tag brought to you by dramatically quoting my artist statement all afternoon:

Deconstruction, thread by thread
The space where perseverance and stillness meet

Here I grapple with transformation


After we finished up with some documentation I drove both of them home.  We parted ways with Marissa for the week. She would leave for Arizona that Sunday, while Amanda and I were staying in town to work on our thesis projects.