February 28, 2015

I spontaneously decided to take an adventure to see my friends Carly and Kyle in Fort Wayne . I had not seen them since Christmas and wanted to get away from Muncie for a while. I arrived around dinner time.

Carly wanted to introduce me to her new favorite coffee shop  before dinner, a Red-Eye was the perfect pick me up. Coffee plays an important role in our friendship, we met in a Starbucks. Most of our time together is spent talking over coffee.  

 We picked up Boyhood from the Redbox after dinner and deconstructed while we watched. 

Carly quickly got the hang of deconstruction, but it was more difficult for Kyle. He made some Jerry Seinfeld reference about the process, it was completely lost on me, but they both thought it was hilarious. 

I enjoyed sharing the process with the two of them. They do not normally get to engage with the work that I make because we have not lived in the same place for the last five years.