March 1, 2015

 Jami invited me to come to Kali's apartment. They were lounging on the couch when I arrived. Handing each a piece of canvas I crashed in the middle.  Kali read the Deconstruction Kit, sometimes it is just easier to let the written word communicate ideas. I was having an exceptionally difficult time articulating thoughts. 

 Settling into a rhythm, Jami and Kali expressed a sense of satisfaction in deconstruction.

Jami was with me in Baltimore last semester, the first time that I deconstructed with friends


Kali told me about her job,  how she is considering moving after her lease is up in August. I talked about  projects and the growing case of sentimental senioritis that has crept into my life of late. 


Kelsey came over, she had a lot of questions. It was good to catch up, hear about her job and her plans for the next year--grad school. 

We spent the rest of our evening analyzing the "man bun" phenomenon, talking about marriage, and stay at home moms--many different perspectives. 

Kali removed her last thread ceremoniously, finally done.